Feed your skin

Andean and Amazonian ancient "superfood" ingredients coming from fruits, grains, seeds and herbs are the basis in the formulation of Aypa products. These natural ingredients are all nutrient-rich and for centuries have given harmony between health and beauty.  So by choosing Aypa products you are deciding to feed your skin in the most natural way, from the outside in, bringing all the nutrients that the skin needs to keep it vitalized and in perfect function.

Powerful antioxidants

A natural cocktail of Polyphenols, Carotenoids, Vitamins A, C and E are always found within the Aypa products range. When they are combined and working together they perform even better, bringing remarkable antioxidant results, so that the skin is always protected and preventing skin ageing. Meet them in the ingredients: Camu Camu, Goldenberries, Purple Corn, Quinoa and Sacha Inchi.

Wellness secrets

Discover the purest healing philosophy of the ancient Andean culture with Aypa's signature Spa experiences. Body rituals and facial treatments that bring your mind and body into balance, connect your spirit with Nature and achieve the Kawsay Puri (meaning Vital Energy in native Andean Quechua language). We invite you to enjoy this authentic wellness journey only at the best spas and wellness centers.



Organic tradition

At Aypa we honour the traditional organic farming system used since ancient Inca times, where seasonality and the Nature´s rhythms have always been respected. Therefore we are committed to use native-organic plants grown in Peruvian lands, and every Aypa product you purchase contributes to helping Andean and Amazonian local farmers keep on with this tradition.

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