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Maize is considered the sacred plant of life. In the Inca Sun cult, it is associated with the gratitude for light, warmth and energy that is supplied to man.

The maize of purple kernels, called Kulli Sara in native Quechuan language, has traditionally been consumed as a nutritional element for its health-promoting properties.


Contains anthocyanins and phenolic compounds.

The mayor source of anthocyanin, called C3G, is extracted from the purple corn cobs. This formula includes 5% of C3G.

Benefits for the skin:

Purple Corn has a powerful antioxidant effect that enhances regeneration of the tissues, reduces ageing caused by free radicals and protects the cellular DNA. In addition, the anthocyanins promote the formation of collagen, improve the cell irrigation, disintoxicate the skin and have anti-inflammatory effects.

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> Zea Mays (Maíz Morado)

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