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Lucuma is an exotic and aromatic fruit that was highly appreciated by the ancient Peruvians. For its beauty, it was symbolically associated with women and fertility.

Evidence from pottery images from the Peruvian coast, dated 100 years B.C., indicates that it was part of the nutritional diet during the Inca and pre-Inca empire.


It is a source of carbohydrates, rich in minerals and vitamins. It is especially rich in vitamin B3 (Niacin), fibre, iron and carotene.

Benefits for the skin:

Lucuma improves skin functions by enhancing the transformation of nutrients into energy. It provides the cell with energy to complete its biological process of synthesis. Moreover, its high content in minerals supplies vital elements for the correct functioning and vitality of the epidermal tissue.

> Pouteria Lucuma (Lúcuma)

> Pouteria Lucuma (Lúcuma)

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