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The Aypa difference

- Products that feed the skin
Aypa products go beyond beauty: they feed the skin in the most natural way, from the outside in. We believe in a healthy and harmonious beauty, promoting bodies that reflect wellness more than just superficial beauty. All of our ingredients nurture the skin and offer properties that work from deep. This has been proven over the centuries, while used in traditional medicine to heal and in local cuisine to nurture.  These “superfood” ingredients as they are actually named are the soul of Aypa products.

- Getting the best from the experts
Aypa is at the forefront of crafting and developing products that fuse tradition with innovation.  We integrate the knowledge of plants inherited from ancient Incas, with the insight and cosmetic experience of research and development from European Laboratories that have high safety standards of manufacturing. Hence, Aypa products are conceived in Peru and made in Europe.

- Beyond natural ingredients
Natural is good, but safe and non-toxic is better!  At Aypa we believe that the ingredients not only have to be natural but also safe, so that we assure they are pure and free of toxins. With such a variety of private certifiers with their own natural and organic criteria, we have decided to follow the guidelines of the ISO 16128, which internationally provides a standard to define natural and organic cosmetic ingredients and products.

- Less is more
At Aypa we believe in sophisticated simplicity. We address many concerns and give multiple benefits with a minimal number of products. Therefore minimalism and efficacy define our products, all handmade in small batches with only natural and safe ingredients. Our developed range of products are simple to use and highly effective on all skin types. Aypa’s formulas stand out for having the best combination of active plants in very high concentrations, offering immediate as well as long term results.
Our eco-friendly and minimalist packaging in whites and natural wood tones reflects our simple, yet effective, philosophy of less is more, being useful and recyclable, whilst always avoiding any excess of packaging.

-  Originality, rarity and exclusivity
We are not mass-produced. Aypa offers a different concept so we can only be found in selected retailers and spas where eco-conscious consumers give value to rare raw materials, highly-safe and effective products, and an innovative design. We have an exclusive Swiss packaging design, with a woody-touch for a sensorial feeling.

-Preserving ancient traditions
We honor and respect thousands of years of a culture that lived with the utmost respect towards their environment.  Through the Aypa concept we contribute to revalue, transmit and preserve the traditional Andean wellness knowledge, rescuing the identity of their culture.

- Ethics and sustainability
We are committed to always working with Peruvian native ingredients only sourced by fair trade with local organic farmers, contributing to the development and growth of the rural communities whose work depends on the natural resources.  So just by choosing one of our products you are participating in helping Andean and Amazonian natives, their families and their surrounding communities.

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