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This Andean Salt called Maras is mysteriously formed at 3.300 mts. above sea level (10.800 feet) in the Sacred Valley of Urubamba in the district of Maras, belonging to Cuzco-Peru.

It is believed that 250 million years ago during the Andean orogeny, an Ocean got trapped inside the mountains of this Valley. Since then a thin stream of water that comes from inside these mountains forms small ponds (around 3000). The water in these ponds evaporates and the remained salt is photonically enriched by the intense Andean sun. After this natural process the salt is hand-harvested by local communities, ready to be consumed for the health of the body, without going through any chemical processes. This is a ritual that takes place since pre-Inca times.


The Andean Salt of Maras is full of nutrients and energy. It provides not only sodium chloride as common salt, but instead 84 minerals organically active and assimilable by the cells, which is important for the health of the organism, making it far superior to other salts, such as sea salt.

The minerals in higher percentage than other types of salt are:

Benefits for the skin:

These mineral-rich salt contribute to the improvement of the overall health.
It help to:

▪ Detoxify the body, by stimulating the drainage of toxic materials.
▪ Alleviate sore muscles and reduce arthritic and rheumatic pain.
▪ Stimulate circulation.
▪ Calm the skin from irritations and desinflama
▪ Balance PH
▪ Restore the body’s energy.

Andean Salt found in Aypa products:
- Organic Bath Therapy

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