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Yes, it is a fact, the sanitary mask has come to stay for a while. Now it is an indispensable complement in your daily life because it can protect you from covid-19. However, it can also cause skin damage. I imagine you are noticing it already! Because it is occlusive, it reduces ventilation and increases local humidity, in addition to the friction it causes in the adjustment zones.

Do you want to pamper your skin and get it back? I share some beauty secrets that will also make you live a self-care moment.

1. To cleanse… but gently.

Keep in mind that your skin has become more sensitive due to the lack of exposure to sunlight and the lack of fresh air during lockdown. Use a soft facial cleanser that does not dry your skin, but all the opposite, that guarantees you hydration. My favorite: Aypa Facial Cleanser with Quinoa. It is very gentle because it respects and protects your skin´s barrier.

2. Experience steam baths.

If your skin is not irritated, try to include a facial steam bath in your daily routine after cleansing. It will help you to decongest your airways and improve oxygenation for your body. You just need to boil a few cups of water to produce the steam you need. You can customize it by adding essential oils or herbs to make it more pleasant and awaken all your senses.

3. Stimulate your skin circulation.

Natural facial masks are ideal for blood circulation and oxygenate the skin on your face. If they include nutrients, all the better. Try the Aypa Souffle Mask. It combines the fabulous nourishing power of Quinoa with white clay, that purifies and improves oxygen flow, increasing microcirculation.

4. Moisturize.

It is very important that you keep your skin hydrated and regain its balance. Search for natural products with vitamins and antioxidants. They protect from free-radicals and help to maintain the luminosity and good appearance of your skin, so punished by the stress you have been subjected to lately. Discover Aypa moisturizers, rich in super foods that recover your skin instantly. If you suffer from irritations or rosacea, use oils of vegetable origin to help soothing. Gift your skin the Aypa Bio Rescue Oil with Sacha Inchi, it relieves and moisturizes thanks to its very high natural concentration of omegas.

5. Breathe… inhale, exhale, repeat.

Look for a moment in the day when you can disconnect for 5 minutes. Get comfortable, close your eyes, and become aware of your breathing. You will see how by inhaling and exhaling you free yourself from thoughts, oxygenate your mind and feel at peace again.

6. Be gentle with yourself and the planet.

In addition to the personal hygiene we must maintain to prevent any kind of virus, remember to wash your sanitary mask frequently. Replace it continuously if you use the disposable type. And as always, have a respectful gesture to our planet, if you see that someone does not recycle their masks, remind them do it.

As you may see, there are many simple ways to recover your skin and your health after using the sanitary mask.
Now it´s up to you to make the difference in your skin!

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