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Crop sophistication can only be achieved through respect for nature. Thanks to this knowledge the ancient Peruvians created new varieties, like the purple corn. The latter is unique in the world because of its high content of anthocyanins. The story behind this harvest inspired Aypa to create the purifying Purple Corn Body Exfoliant.

It all started 8000 years ago

About eight thousand years ago, corn was already domesticated in America. It enjoyed a significant presence in the ancient cultures of the continent, including the Incan culture. As a matter of fact, this culture established its economy and diet based on corn. Thus, it was one of the main reasons why it was included as an element present in most of their rites and festivities.

The Corn: a harvest celebration

In the Andes, everything revolves around respect for the cycles of nature. Indeed, on March 21 during the winter equinox, a special celebration is held, named Sara Raymi. It is a festival absolutely related to the Andean agricultural cycle. In fact, corn is the main element, as it is a symbol of fertility. Besides, it is the vital component within the indigenous worldview and this date marks the beginning of a new year to them. On this date, people celebrate the flourishing of the crops and give thanks to Mother Earth for the harvesting.

The Purification Ritual

Traditionally, this period of flowering is considered a time of transition, of being reborn and recreated. The Andeans carry out a process of cleansing and reflection, of physical and spiritual purification for three days. They perform baths with fresh plants in sacred waters to symbolically clean the soul, purify energies and receive them recycled from Mother Earth.

The Purple variety… our inspiration!

Thanks to these ancient rituals of interaction and understanding with nature, the Incas were motivated to sophisticate their crops. They created varieties of corn, among which purple corn stands out.

We have created the Aypa Purple Corn Body Exfoliant not only honoring the purification ritual during the equinox celebration, but also because they created the purple variety selecting it to be rich in anthocyanins. It protects from oxidative stress and stimulate circulation to oxygenate and purify the body.

At Aypa we are committed to work directly with farmers that keep these ancient agricultural traditions. So, in this season when the first tender cobs appear, we harvest them directly to obtain quality fresh corn. Moreover, thanks to this method, all its active ingredients are maintained as pure. Thus, when you experience the Purple Corn Body Exfoliant you can only expect freshness and all the purifying magic coming from these ancient traditions.

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