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At-home self care facial ritual connecting with the 4 elements of nature

A unique home skincare routine inspired by the Andean philosophy of the 4 elements.

"You Are Living Nature. Everything that exists in nature is present in you as well" (Andean Proverb)

The 4 elements of nature

When it comes to wellness, the Andeans start from the premise that you are the image and likeness of Mother Earth, with the same 4 elements; Water, Air, Earth and Fire.

When you recognize these elements within you, the magic happens!

It´s all about been conscious of the present moment, of the here and now.  When you achieve this state then you raise your vibration and become pure health.

The Aypa Raw Ritual invites you to feel the 4 elements within you through an emotional and sensorial skincare, loaded with the highest vibrational plants. 

The connection

This authentic facial self-care ritual immediately connects you with the raw nature of the Aypa ingredients and true essence of your skin through a series of high-sensory facial massage techniques.

It is a magical moment where you are transported to a space where you can stop thinking about everything and just focus on yourself. 

The Aypa Raw Ritual integrates a series of facial massage techniques into each step of your skincare routine to help you make the most of each product and increase the overall benefits. The techniques are inspired by the 4 elements of nature.

It is suitable for all skin types.

raw cosmetics

The products

We only use 4 earth-to-skin products made with authentic millenary plants from Andean lands. They are 100% connected to the spirit of nature and maintain all their nutritional and healing properties. They are waterless, only whole plant.

The 4 Aypa Raw products act together in synergy to:

  1. Step: Purify – Aypa Raw Face Balm
  2. Step: Balance – Aypa Hydrosol
  3. Step: Strengthen – Aypa Raw Face Mask
  4. Step: Stimulate – Aypa Raw Oil


At Aypa, we are happy to share the richness of the Andean land and the wellness philosophy of the ancestors .

We invite you to share it as well through the Aypa Raw Ritual workshops.

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