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If you are a facialist or a spa & wellness professional looking for new and authentic holistic experiences to offer, then Aypa is for you.

Why to choose Aypa for your Center:

based on ancient wellness practices and botanical knowledge from the Andes.

outside the usual circuits and that highlights your treatment menu.

that are sustainable sourced from their native land, keeping intact all their super nurturing properties.

highly concentrated in nutrients.

but also incredibly sensory cosmetics designed to provide the skin with what it needs to be healthy.

You will have the possibility to offer:

of minimal and genuine cosmetics that can be used alone or in synergy.

that recover ancient massage techniques.

that truly connect to the earth.

to implement.

Get to know the Aypa professional treatments:

As a professional, you will feel pleasure working with the products and will also get immersed in the stories behind each ritual.

Signature Andean Rituals

Facial Treatments

Body Treatments

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