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CJB Body Herbal Poultice



reduce joint & muscle pain | reduce swelling
release blocked energy | melt tight muscles
combat fatigue | invigorate tired mind/body
detoxify | warming | stimulate circulation
aid in sinus relief | clear congestion


rejuvenate | renew
enhance performance & recovery
jet lag | fatigue
anxiety | focus
stiff joints & muscles


CJB Thai Herbal Poultice | Body

The Thai Herbal Poultice holds a special place in Cecily’s heart and will always remain her favorite massage tool. After over 2 decades of study and training Licensed Massage Therapists within the spa & wellness industry, she has created her own blend in partnership with Thai Herbal Topicals.

In 2020, Cecily invested in a small organic herbal farm who shared her dream of creating a range of therapeutic blends for the face and body. Together, their wish has come true with many more to come. Enjoy!

The CJB Difference

While the Thai herbs are similar to other blends, the experience is not. The herbs are unbelievably fresh, so when steamed they become exceptionally soft to allow for a more gentle and comfortable massage using varying pressures. The heat, plus the herbs easily permeate to saturate the skin with benefits and a sense of deep relaxation that will exceed your expectations.

CJB Training: Thai Herbal Poultice Online & Hands-on Training

Keeping with tradition, our comprehensive training program incorporates 4 massage modalities based on the healing traditions of Thailand: Thai Herbal Poultice, Royal Thai Sen Points, Thai Stretching and Aromatherapy Sen Meridian Massage.

Instruction includes successful and responsible marketing advice with support materials to get you started.


6pc pro pack (100g each)


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