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If you’re still a bit confused about the difference between natural and organic cosmetics, get ready! Now the concept of raw cosmetics is coming into the picture.
Are you already feeling lost at the mere mention of its name? Relax! With some simple explanations, you will discover the fascinating side of this cosmetics in which we firmly believe in Aypa! Do you want the purest, most active, nutritious and effective cosmetics? Then you are ready to fall in love with Raw Cosmetics.

Raw Cosmetics: what are we really talking about?

To understand the RAW concept in a simpler way, I like to compare it with food. For many years it has been believed in societies that cooked food was the only valid way to provide our body with all the necessary nutrients that maintain its vital functions. Recently, however, it has been shown that uncooked or raw food, especially fresh vegetables, is the most nutritious option because it keeps all the nutrients intact by avoiding its loss during cooking.

Within this philosophy of living nutrition and in an environment where we take care more and more of our body and look for healthy lifestyles, the concept of RAW cosmetics is born.

Organic, Natural and Raw Cosmetics

So, maybe you’re thinking now, “Okay, Mirella, but how is it different from Natural or Organic cosmetics?”
Yes, everyone asks me this question, so I thought I’d give you the answer right away.

It is called organic or bio cosmetics when the products carry the seal of a private certifier like Ecocert, Cosmebio. Their criteria may vary, but they agree that at least a percentage of ingredients must come from organic agriculture. The rest of the formulation, even if it contains synthetic ingredients, must not be harmful.

The so-called natural cosmetics can contain natural, organic and synthetic ingredients. Therefore, it takes a great deal of understanding of labelling to really know what is in the product and to make sure that there are no toxic components.

Raw cosmetics do not need certification or great knowledge about labelling, because 100% of the ingredients come directly from the earth. They keep their natural state, without going through any kind of processing that affects their composition. This means that the formulations are free of synthetics, preservatives, fragrances and toxic compounds that often irritate, obstruct and block the natural functions of the skin cells.

Why are you going to LOVE RAW cosmetics?

Do you think Raw Cosmetics is limited to compositional characteristics? Don’t be fooled: It is also and especially pure happiness! Let me explain it to you and give you my 3 favorite reasons:

# 1. Epidermal: your skin will never be better fed

As in the kitchen, if the ingredients are raw plants and vegetables, they are purer, therefore more effective! By maintaining their nutritional activity, they use that power to interact directly with our biology, being easy to assimilate by our skin cells. In addition, they are usually rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and good fats, which help reverse the process of cellular aging. Just imagine, we can absorb up to 60% of what we put into our skin, if all of its nutrients, it’s much better.
RAW cosmetics promote a balanced and natural state of the skin, providing the optimal environment of nutrients to help the skin produce healthier cells, free of toxins.

# 2. Responsible: it’s good for you… it’s good for our planet

If you are looking for a more sustainable life and consume in a conscious way, through RAW cosmetics you will achieve it. The packaging is recyclable and the formulations are environmentally friendly. They do not contain animal derivatives and are free of water, which contributes to reducing energy costs.
On the other hand, you are betting on one of the most ethical cosmetics. You are supporting the development of rural communities that work directly with the land. Also, you are helping to revalue and keep alive their traditions of obtaining and preserving active ingredients from plants.
And let me confess something that I live every day: the gesture of beauty acquires another dimension when you feel you are taking care of the planet!

# 3. Experience: It’s a living cosmetic!

It increases your energy and gives you absolute well-being. You will feel in direct contact with the earth and all the good that nature has to offer. In RAW cosmetics there is no place for stress, its vibrant aromas, textures and natural colors awaken all your senses. It’s an invitation to live moments of calm and positive emotions.
This dose of daily happiness, simple and essential, is without a doubt the way to add some sparkle to our lives!

Are you thinking of switching to this new cosmetic? You already know all the good reasons to discover it now. So, if you need something else to inspire you, take a look at the new AYPA RAW skincare collection. You will be delighted to discover the AYPA Raw Face Balm, Raw Face Mask and Raw Face Oil. Give your skin a great gift!… to all your senses.

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