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Experience the essence of the Andes. Introduce your clients to the Mystic Inka Ritual, a wellness experience rooted in the ancient rituals of the Peruvian highlands. Designed for holistic therapists, this natural body treatment use potent Andean botanicals to promote balance and renewal. Enhance your spa offerings with the timeless healing power of nature.

Ancient Incan massage techniques & sacred plants

This secret Incan ritual combines sacred healing and nurturing plants from the Andes with ancient practices to deeply feed the body, energize the soul and provide the perfect escape to a sublime, magical journey of wellness, beauty and body purification.

Throughout the treatment, you and your clients will explore new exotic aromas and textures from powerful Andean superfood-based body products that are applied in a traditional Incan sequence:

1. Purple Corn exfoliant to purify
2. Lucuma warming body mask to energize
3. Sacha Inchi oil to regenerate
4. Quinoa Cream to nurture

Discover the Mystic Inka Ritual. Join the exclusive online training created for spa and wellness professionals. 
Learn this authentic spa therapy and add it to your treatment menu as a newness, offering a deeply immersive and revitalizing experience for your clients.