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Aypa products go beyond beauty; they are a feeling, a true wellness experience from skin to soul. We believe in a healthy and harmonious beauty, promoting bodies that reflect wellbeing more than just superficial beauty.

Honoring and contributing to transmit thousands of years of a spiritual Andean culture that lived in
harmony with the utmost respect towards Mother Nature

The finest organic plants with superior nutritional properties are directly sourced from an andean land where passion for the eco-farming has been a principle of life since ancient times.
We focus on the synergies between each plant from the same land, boosting the effectiveness of the Aypa products.

A rigorous selection of noble and precious ingredients, recognized for their cosmetic benefits. They are hyper-concentrated in nutrients. Nowadays they are all considered “superfood” ingredients as they are edible for better assimilation into the skin.

Fusion of tradition with innovation, by integrating the botanical ancient Incan wisdom with the advance cosmetic insight of European Laboratories.

Quality over quantity. We have developed simple skincare routines with minimal and multi-use products, suitable to all skin types. Aypa’s formulations stand out for having the best combination
of active plants in very high concentrations, offering immediate as well as long term results.

Products and rituals designed to offer a whole sensorial experience that goes from mind, body and emotions to energy healing.

Ethical and sustainable commitment by working directly with local farmers in Peru, contributing to the development of their rural communities while respecting the biodiversity of their land.