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The vacations are coming to an end and you probably have the feeling that they end without having started.

This unexpected situation of being able to move around alone in close surroundings has proved to be quite limiting.
However, your mind and your senses have absolute freedom to travel to the most remote places on earth…

Like Millpu!

Have you ever heard of this place? Probably not, and that’s because it’s one of Peru’s hidden nature treasures that was discovered only a few years ago.

Do you feel like teleporting there? Let´s go!

A hidden gem in a corner of the Peruvian Andes

Imagine to be in the middle of the Peruvian highlands for a moment, at 3000 meters above sea level, in the region of Ayacucho, surrounded by gigantic volcanic rocks, stone mountains and dense vegetation. All of a sudden you discover a real landscape treasure: a natural collection of pools.

These natural pools are known as the “Aguas Turquesas Millpu“.

The waterfalls of the Millpu River form 20 marvelous natural pools in the form of steps on white stones, on the slopes of a great canyon. These incredible turquoise colored lagoons remain relatively untouched due to their remote location high in the Andes. With no human activity and few tourist visits, the nature there is preserved in perfect condition, making the landscape even more captivating.

A delight for the senses

What makes these lagoons so special is the color of the water: turquoise or green depending on the season. This magnificent color is produced due to the minerals that the river drags along, forming deposits in its pools that dazzle with the sunlight. If you go up and approach the waterfalls you will see how the water changes its color.
Can you take a bath there? It depends on the season. Nowadays we take great care to maintain and respect nature as it is. Bathing can affect the color of the water and disturb the river fish that live there.

The mysticism of his name

Like everything in Peru, the name has a great mystery. Millpuy means “to swallow” in the Andean Quechua language. Due to legends, many of the locals do not visit it often. Because of the strange rock formations, combined with the natural waters, it was said that the devil’s throat inhabited there, giving free rein to all kinds of imaginations.

Would you dare to discover this mysterious landscape? Take note of this fantastic natural jewel in Peru. The best time to travel: between April and October

However, if this wonderful place inspired you to discover more splendors of Andean nature, remember that with Aypa treatments you can do it, every day, at home… and reenchant your daily life!

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