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RAW rituals: Are you taking care of your skin at home?

Of course you’ve already thought about it. Especially in this period when our daily outings are becoming rarer and rarer!
And yet… why do you often hear that little inner voice telling you, “Yes … but home care is less pleasant, less effective …”

So, first I thought: why not inject pure wonder into that moment when you have decided to create your own space at home to treat yourself to wellness?
Then, I began by imagining an authentic ritual which could take place in our bathrooms … bringing to life, through the mind, a great escape.

Yesterday it was just an idea

To begin with, I told myself that I had to be able to offer a home ritual, 100% inspiring, 100% effective 100% practical.


You already know that in Aypa we rescue the values of the wellness philosophy of the ancestral Andean culture. Their lifestyle linked to respect and reciprocity with nature is our constant source of inspiration.

When it comes to wellness, the Andeans start from the premise that you are the image and likeness of Mother Earth, whose 4 elements are Water, Air, Earth and Fire.

They conceive that the human being is integrated within nature. Everything that exists in nature is present in you as well. In other words, your body is a human geography… you are a living nature! You have mountains (muscles), rivers (veins), rocks (bones), ground (skin), grass (hair)…

All of this inspiration invited me to think about creating a unique experience. Most of all, to treat yourself into a moment of well-being, to connect with nature and to feel part of it.


When it comes to healing, the Andean people use the powers of the native plants that Mother Earth has given them. The purity of the elements that grow in the earth has endless benefits.
Therefore I selected the Aypa Raw collection. At AYPA RAW we only use earth-to-skin products made with authentic millenary plants from Andean lands. They are 100% connected to the spirit of nature and maintain all their nutritional and healing properties.

The Aypa Raw products act together in synergy to purify, balance, strengthen and regenerate the skin.


Above all, I thought about a minimalist approach: a limited number of products, all multifunctional and adapted to all skin types.

The next thing is to know how to use the products well and to adopt the right techniques! The key is the transmission of knowledge… and its application in the easiest and funniest possible way.

Today it is a reality: Aypa Raw Ritual

This holistic concept has been the inspiration to create the new AYPA RAW FACIAL RITUAL A magical moment where you connect with yourself and with the essence of nature and its 4 elements from the comfort of your home.

Through highly sensory self-massages inspired by the 4 elements, and Aypa Raw products extracted from the earth, you travel through your “facial geography” to:

1. Purify: through the WATER element.

The Raw Face Balm is applied. Through gentle undulating movements reminiscent of the WATER element, we go through the circulatory system and lymph channels to cleanse, oxygenate and eliminate toxins.

2. Balance: through the AIR element.

The Hydrosol is applied. Through subtle, highly sensitive and harmonious manipulations inspired by the AIR element, the facial energy field is traced to clear it and balance the skin’s pH.

3. Strengthen: through the EARTH element.

The Raw Face Mask is applied. Through deep, pressing movements, reminiscent of the plowing of the EARTH, the facial musculature is strengthened and tensions are eliminated, while all the nutrients penetrate.

4. Stimulate: through the FIRE element.

The Raw Face Oil is applied. Through stimulating massages, with pinching, inspired by the FIRE element, the production of collagen and elastin is activated to reaffirm and revitalize the skin.

This results in a regenerated skin, full of life and very nourished.

Tomorrow, it will be YOUR 100% living experience!

You will be surprised when you discover how different it will be for you to perform this ritual at home.

Not only because of its simplicity and effectiveness as a facial treatment, but also because it will truly connect you to your emotions. In other words, the magic of a real ritual! Imagine:
– Connecting with ancestral wisdom that enlightens you and brings you pure well-being.
– Feeling the power of the 4 elements of nature on your skin.
– Discovering that there is an inner nature within you and that going over your face is like taking a walk in the countryside.
– Each product has its own story, with ingredients that have a life of their own.
– And most importantly, it’s your moment of self-care, of taking it all in calmly. To be aware that you are enhancing your own physical, mental and emotional health. Live and enjoy your moment!

To make your life easier, each kit comes with a booklet and a video explaining how the ritual must be performed.
Do you want to get an idea of what to expect?

And now? All you have left to do is

  1. Discover it
  2. To savor YOUR moment,
  3. Enjoy the results

Until the next treatment!


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