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It is very easy to get fascinated by the natural beauty of the Andean landscapes in Peru. The mysticism in this land of Incas is in every corner of its exuberant geography and abundant biodiversity.

However, what is the real secret for this captivating land to be home to the most valuable medicinal plants on the planet? How can nutritious plants grow at 4000 m.a.s.l. in harsh climates and yet have unique properties that are a treasure to humanity?

The Andean people carry the great ancient secret! And they keep it from generation to generation. In this article I invite you to discover it in a recent conversation I had with Elsa in Peru. She is native to the Andean community of Chinchero in the highland region of Cuzco. A people that did not get sick from Covid thanks to this ancient knowledge

The great Andean secret

The vibrant Andean culture is deeply rooted in the spirit of Nature. Indeed, the first Andean code of life is the “Kawsay”, which refers to a dignified life, in harmony and balance with the universe and the human being. Everything works as a holistic process, involving all components of the universe.

Within this Andean mental scheme, the earth is not simply a physical element. It is also considered as a deity. Besides, it is called “Pachamama” in the Quechua indigenous language and it represents Mother Earth.

Elsa tells: “Pachamama is sacred to us. It is energy, source of life and fertility. She is a nurturing mother. Therefore, we thank her for all that we receive from her and have now. We respect, love, value and consecrate her existence”.

A spiritual connection with the land that brings abundant plants

Pachamama nurtures men and teaches them how to grow. Therefore, in return and based on the Andean principle of reciprocity, they honor her by caring for and protecting her.

Elsa says: “through rituals and offerings, we establish a very strong connection with Pachamama. This way we complement each other and can achieve a good dialogue. Thanks to this, Mother Earth blesses our lands with abundant plants.

She points out that this lifestyle dates back centuries: “My ancestors lived in harmony with Pachamama and there was no type of suffering from food or deficiencies. It is important to maintain these bonding rituals to generate balance. This way, the earth will continue producing our nurturing and healing plants”.

The magic of rituals

Elsa highlights: “our sacred ritual is called “Pagapu a Pachamama”. It consists of making offerings as a form of gratitude to Mother Earth. An Andean priest known as “Pako” celebrates this ritual. He begins the ceremony on earth using a small Andean cloth named “Misha”, which is considered as a sacred space, a kind of altar. He places over the cloth a variety of products with magical powers such as sacred stones, coca leaves, cereal seeds, sweets, among other elements that indicate future prosperity. The offering is wrapped and with it in the hands he gets up and raises prayers to Mother Earth. He thanks the agricultural success, the health of the animals and the well-being of the humans”.

This is one of the most important sacred rituals in the Andean tradition to connect to nature.

You can help safeguard this secret

Sharing the spirit of the Andes has been Aypa’s purpose from the very beginning. All the products are packed with unique plants that carry the magical vibration of this land.

Certainly, there is something about using Aypa skincare products. Firstly, you benefit your skin. Secondly, you care for your wellness. And last but not least, you protect the land! Therefore, you are helping to safeguard centuries of tradition that take care of the earth and promote general well-being.

Nowadays we revalue the connection with nature and we search for ways to get in harmony with her. Aypa is an invitation to achieve that feeling and experience a truly connection to the earth through unique plants that grow in this mystical land.

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