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When we start making new wellness resolutions, sometimes everything is as simple as starting with the basics. And in the case of a daily skin care routine, the basic is the cleansing.
Cleansing the skin is essential and is as basic as drinking daily water and having enough sleep to feel good. it is a must because it goes beyond beauty. It is an act of skin health.

What Happens if You Don’t Cleanse your Face?

Facial skin is the first immune defense barrier against all infections and microorganisms, so if you don´t clean it and keep it in optimal conditions, your are risking your skin to:

But, You Can’t Just Wash Your Face with Water!

Many times we get relaxed with the cleansing because we don´t “see” any dirt… but it is there!
So, you will find 2 types of dirt:
1. Those that we produce (physiological dirt): desquamation of skin cells, sebum and lipid of your epidermis, sweat.
2. Those from the environment: dust, pollutants, remains of make-up.

But, you can´t just remove them all with water! You need a skincare product that has surfactants (best if they are natural-derived), which are agents whose main function is to loosen dirt, facilitating the cleansing.

Go for a Cleansing Gel

The best facial cleanser is one that, in addition to cleansing and purifying, also hydrates and keeps the skin moisturized. A gel cleansing texture, like the one of the Aypa Quinoa Face Cleanser, is one of the gentlest forms of cleanser because it neither dries out the skin nor leaves it tight. It is water-based and it is suitable to all skin types, specially for oily and sensitive skins.


Aypa Quinoa Face Cleanser, a Special Superfood-Gel Formulation

The challenge of the Aypa Quinoa Face Cleanser formulation has been to obtain a natural cleanser product with active ingredients that come from plant components, gentle on the skin and that at the same time have nutritional properties.
This has been achieved thanks to the combination of the powerful Andean Quinoa extract with a natural-derived solubilizing surfactant that allows oily substances to be dissolved in an aqueous vehicle. So it can cleanse oil and water dirt!

Key ingredients:

Why are you going to love this gel formula?

Aypa tip: Use the Aypa Quinoa Face Cleanser day & night to remove all traces of dirt that accumulate on the surface of the skin. Apply on dry face with circular motions. Inhale and enjoy the aroma while massaging. Then rinse.

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