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When you eat a piece of chocolate, haven’t you experienced a sensation of calm and pleasure? And when you feel in moments of anguish or sadness, wouldn’t you look again for a bar of chocolate? Just imagine you can also get this experience only by applying a skincare product. Would you like to learn how? Just keep going and I will let you know.

Emotions in your skin

You may have heard that your skin has a memory. Indeed, it´s all in your living cells! We usually talk about the skin as a mirror of the soul: it reflects our emotions. You blush when you receive a compliment, turn pale when you are scared, your complexion fades and you get imperfections when you are worried or disappointed. Your dermis has its own language. It is connected to the nervous system and responds to certain mental states.

Of all the information your skin receives, it’s the pleasure sensation the one preferred! And when you get it through sensory beauty, you can only expect to dive into a total state of well-being.

Sensorial cosmetics heighten your senses… But how do they work? Well, these cosmetics have the ability to cause the secretion of endorphins and other substances that help improve skin well-being. The texture of the products and their smell play a key role in the pleasure they get us. And paired with easy and soft self massages, you reach the perfect state of wellness.

You got it! Sensory cosmetics act in-depth. They do not only play a part on the aspect of your skin (collagen production, calming properties, repairing tissues) but also on your mental health. They act inside, restoring the communication between the brain and the skin cells, so you can notice it outside.

Friendly ingredients, the clue

What makes sensory beauty efficient is first and foremost its skincare products’ top-of-the-range formulas. Through noble natural ingredients that maintain the living essence of the plant, it is possible to achieve that they work in the cutaneous nervous system. That is, on the surface of the skin, acting at a neurological level to produce a calming and well-being effect, while nourishing the skin.

For instance, Copoaçu is a sensory superfood ingredient that connects with the emotions. This superfruit native to the Peruvian Amazon rainforests has a natural smell of white chocolate. So, it has the ability to produce sensations that improve people’s mood by immediately inducing feelings of relaxation and pleasure. But it has to be used pure… as in the Aypa Raw Face Balm.

RAW skincare: where the sensory experience really happens

At Aypa, we believe that all cosmetics do not have the same effects on the body and state of mind. That’s why we have developed the AYPA RAW collection: whole plant, waterless and fragrance-free. This pure cosmetic is the one that produces happiness because it only contains the highest proportions of active natural ingredients. They are coming directly from the earth without going through processes. All the products of this earth-to-skin collection have unusual textures and unique aromas that activate the senses and make discover new emotions. It´s an amazing experience of wellness.

Have you tried the Raw Face Balm with Copoaçu? You will want to eat it! When you warm it between the palms of your hands to transform its buttery texture into a silky oil; the delicious chocolate smell of the Copoaçu magically transports you into the heart of the Amazonian rainforests, surrounded by Cacao trees. Your senses are totally exalted while your skin is restored and plumped.

With Raw Face Mask you also get amazing feelings. If you add a few drops of water to this powder-to-paste Mask, its powders will transform into a scrubby paste. The mix of 4 different powders (Maca, Lucuma, Algarroba, Green Clay) creates a unique smell of nature which takes you to Terra Inka. After 15 marvelous minutes of escape, rinse the mask to discover your new skin; redness has fainted and your pores are so tight that you can barely see them. Your skin has been brought back to life: your complexion is also smooth and even.

Sensory beauty is the key to our pleasure, well-being and emotions. By combining superfood ingredients with new textures and natural smells, Aypa pushes back classic well-being skincare and presents new beauty experiences. The benefits are multiplied; they evoke emotions, bring wellness and treat skin concerns by reducing signs of aging, calming irritated skin, repairing damaged tissues and highly hydrating everyone’s dermis.

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