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You have probably heard about it: vegetable oils and sun are not good friends. Common preconception or truth? Follow me, I will let you know!

The temperature at which the oils begin to boil depends on the plant from which they are extracted. For example, linseed oil begins to boil at 107°C, olive oil at 180°C and avocado oil at 271°C. Therefore, it is impossible for an oil to burn your skin. On the contrary, it is a very effective natural protector, especially during summer time. Indeed, oils protect your skin from sunburn. But also, from external aggressions like sea water, chlorine and last but not least: the UV rays.

Whether you are a low, medium or even high sun protection lover, the use of sunscreens is as important as the use of vegetable oils. Indeed, your skin needs vegetable oils in summer. They are incredible natural barriers to UV rays when they are bursting with antioxidants. This enables them to prevent melanomas, carcinomas, but also to avoid premature aging due to sunbathing.

Benefits of vegetable oils in summer

Natural soothers

The skin can react unexpectedly to the sun’s rays. Either through burns or with a kind of allergy called erythema. It manifests as redness on the skin or sometimes appear uncomfortable pimples that cause itching. 100% pure and first-press vegetable oils become a great treatment that can soothe the skin, especially those that are rich in omegas. Like the Aypa Bio Rescue Oil with Sacha Inchi. Thanks to its high content of omegas 3, 6, 9 and vitamins A and E, you get an immediate calming, anti-inflammatory and regenerating action, recovering the skin.

Antioxidant protection

As you already know, UV rays damage your skin. But if you are careless and take the sun for prolonged periods, you generate free radicals that destroy the collagen in your skin. An antioxidant vegetable oil rich in beta-carotene and polyphenols prevents the skin from becoming sagging and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.
Try the Aypa Raw Face Oil, rich in the antioxidants fruits Maracuja and Buriti. This exceptional Buriti fruit grows in the Amazon rainforest and is part of the traditional medicine. Native people living in the Amazon have been using it since ancient times as a sun protector and to heal from environmental and photo-oxidative damages.

Tips to use vegetable oils in summer

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