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When you think of Peru and the Andean culture, exotic images come to mind: beautiful landscapes and a unique biodiversity. But surely also archaeological ruins made from iconic stone blocks.

Of course, we are talking about the ancient Incan culture that knew how to carve, shape and refine stones with incredible precision. In fact, the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu it still remains a mystery as to how they could place those huge stones so perfectly.

What if I tell you that in the Andean world there is a whole story behind the stones that is also related to wellness? Go ahead and undiscover the mystery.

Incan stones and well-being

We know that the Incas were great lovers of nature and its energy. The earth was considered a deity: Pachamama (Mother Earth). Their harmonious relationship with her allowed the development of crops with plants of amazing properties used as traditional medicine and superfoods. But what about the stones?

Let’s start by recognizing the mythical legends that exist full of stories with stone beings. From the god Wiracocha to the Ayar brother´s legend. They tell us about the conversion of living beings and gods into stones. According to the myths, these reconverted beings enter into a different time and their spirits remain present in places like the mountains. From there they can communicate and intervene in the lives of people who call on them for help. That is why many Andean mountains are considered sacred and protective. They are called Apus.

That energetic power of the Apus connects with the stones and gives them vitality. In the Andean world, the energetic stones (called Chumpis) represent the strength of the earth and become a healing resource. At an energetic level, they are used to open energy centers in the body, extract their heaviness, cleanse and recycle energies and then close them. As a result, people find balance and harmony again and return to health.

Discovering the Peruvian Serpentine stone: why it is so special?

Not all the stones and not all the mountains are specials. The location matters. There are places in the world where you can feel a special connection with the earth´s energy. One of those places is called Aguas Calientes in Perú. This place is one of the most powerful energy vortices on the planet. Therefore, in this place you find 3 key points:

1- Machu Picchu: it is perhaps because of the special energy of this inaccessible place in the middle of the Andes mountains that the Incas chose to build the ancient citadel. This place channels energies, allowing them to flow and allowing you to recharge from them. For example, if you put your hands a few centimeters from the Intihuatana rock, you will feel the radiation of energy.

2- Caves with Peruvian Serpentine stone: because of the magnetic zone this beautiful mineral has unique magnetic properties, it has been traditionally associated with regeneration and for bringing longevity.

3- The Apu Putucusi: this sacred mountain is considered a female spirit and is very special. Don´t miss my next blog with the story of my journey to this special mountain. This experience became my truly inspiration for the creation of the new Aypa Stone.

The Aypa Stone: a magical connection

The Aypa Stone is more than a massage stone. Its story is about the energy of the magnetic place where it comes from combined with the Inca know-how of crafting stones. It is handmade with Serpentine stone and its beautiful shape is inspired by the sacred mountain Putucusi.

It is proven that everything that comes from the earth comes into direct contact with the cells of the skin. And better if it comes from an energetic area because that energy enters our body and gives our cells a part of that vibration.

So, my intention is to give you the experience of truly connection between the vibrant earth and your cells in order to keep you in wellbeing and health:

On a physical level, the stone has the ability to stimulate and regenerate cells, allowing nutrients to be better absorbed.
At an emotional level, it works in all the chakras to cleanse and recycle blocked energy.

The 3 sides of the stone are designed to activate, stimulate and strengthen different areas of the face and body. Don’t miss the tutorial that comes with the purchase of the stone.

Would like to get an idea? link to video.


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