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We are living in times of big changes where the hours and dates seem to be speeding up. So, it becomes more and more difficult to find a moment of connection with ourselves.
The Aypa Terra Retreats are “your moment”. We are motivated to make you find a space of tranquility that leads you to reunite with your deepest essence, connecting within your heart with what you are looking for.

Mother Earth is our support and the ancestral rituals of the Andean Culture our inspiration. We are willing that you enter into resonance with the spirit of Mother Earth by recognizing her as a source of life and rediscovering her feminine and regenerative power within you.

What to expect

We will work together to synchronize with this beautiful energy through activities that lead to body awareness: yoga, massages, vegan food, grounding and rituals.

These practices and rituals will help you awaken your consciousness, and you will be able to put them into practice in your daily lifestyle so that you can be the creator of your own reality.

For the Andean worldview, connecting with the energy of the Earth is about focusing your attention on your body:


So, what is a Ritual?

A ritual is an act, a conscious moment that impacts the subconscious. It is achieved by activating all the senses through symbols in order to elevate the body´s vibration.

The ancient cultures knew about this!

At the Aypa Terra Retreats we rescue the magical ancient rituals from the Andes to let you achieve what you want.

Are you ready to learn more about them?

Andean Rituals at the Retreat

1. Jobeo: The Andean ritual to purify dense energies

It is a useful method to release the heavy energy of our body and offer it to the Earth who will happily recycle it. For this procedure we use the Aypa Stone as a channeling tool.
Learning this methodology will help you in daily situations when you feel “charged”. You can use it after having an exhausting day or for example when you’re nervous or afraid about something.

2. The Aypa Raw Ritual: a beauty workshop to recognize the 4 elements that inhabit you.

Through this beauty workshop with pure raw skincare products you will get in contact with the 4 elements of nature that inhabit you. This interaction will help you recognize that Mother Earth lives inside you and that you are an extension of her. You will learn to be aware of your steps and realize how through selfcare and products from the earth you work directly with your cells.

3. Aypa Qhaqoy: the “conscious massage” that helps you to be present here and now.

Unlike other massages, Aypa Qhaqoy is a 100% live experience, which awakens consciousness and engages all the senses at every moment of the procedure. It is a time of “healing”. Indeed, one of the requirements to heal is to become aware of where we are, what we are doing and where we are going. By realizing this we are led to understand that we are on earth and that our body is earth. Recognizing this implies health, which means harmony. (book for this massage)

4. Selfcare with the Aypa Stone

This vibrant massage therapy is rooted on the ancient Andean stone-energy knowledge. It is performed with Serpentine, an exclusive handcrafted stone designed by Aypa which comes from an energetic vortex around the mountains of Machu Picchu. It releases muscle tension, stimulates blood flow, detoxifies the lymphatic system and promotes an overall vital energy.

5. “Pagapu”: the Andean gratitude Ritual

We attract from what we vibrate and gratitude is the frequency that most generates abundance in all of its senses. Surely through this ancient Andean ritual of gratitude to Mother Earth you will learn how to increase your vibration frequency. Experiencing this act will give you better health. If you connect with its strong energy, you will have more clarity and a chance to increase your awareness. and a greater opportunity to awaken, fulfill yourself, and live to the fullest.

Remember, MAGIC is always present in our retreats!

Save the date and join us!

Coming next: ITALY, Ponte Nizza
September 15-16-17, 2023: in collaboration with Paola Corna from ATMA YOGA, who will also teach us about Ovarian Yoga and Odaka Yoga.

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