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As we immerse ourselves in the warm embrace of sunlit days, it’s essential to prioritize our skin’s well-being, safeguarding it from the sun’s gentle yet powerful rays.

Gone are the days when sunscreen was just an afterthought. Indeed, the sun can cause many damages to your skin if you don’t protect it correctly such as premature aging, hyperpigmentation and an increased risk of skin cancer.

So, we actually have two ways of protection: chemical sunscreen or a mineral sunscreen (also called physical).

Which is the best sunscreen?

Definitely it is better to wear any sunscreen than exposing your skin without any sun protection. But if you continue reading, you will find out which one is the healthiest for you.

Chemical sunscreen absorbs UV:

Chemical sunscreens work by undergoing a chemical transformation to absorb UV rays, thereby reducing sun damage. However, their formulas tend to wear off more quickly and require reapplication every few hours. Furthermore, chemical sunscreens have the potential to trigger skin reactions in specific individuals. They can cause allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin, and worsen melasma and rosacea.

Mineral sunscreen reflects UV:

On the other side, mineral sunscreens reflect UV rays by creating a barrier between you and the sun. They can do this thanks to their natural formulas with minerals like titanium dioxide, which are easily identifiable by their white appearance. This distinctive marking also serves as a helpful visual cue, reminding you when it’s time to reapply. All benefits, for sure, but mineral sunscreens do have one downside after wearing them: the white residue they can leave behind. However, if that´s the only issue, there is a natural solution to remove it!

How to remove mineral sunscreen ?

A quick go with a face wipe will do nothing to properly dislodge the white residue. To effectively remove mineral sunscreen, it is recommended to use a natural oil cleanser that dissolves heavy formulas. Despite concerns for individuals with oily skin, oil cleansers don’t trigger excess sebum production.

The Aypa Raw Face Balm

We suggest to use the Aypa Raw Face Balm to clean out mineral sunscreen. Thanks to its rich consistency it has the ability to easily trap the heavy mineral residues and efficiently remove them. Moreover, this balm is rich in Copoazu, an exceptional superfood ingredient rich in antioxidant polyphenols (combat free radicals), phytosterols (anti-inflammatory effect on the skin) and fatty acids (moisturize, hydrate and protect), as well as vitamins. So, you are giving your skin cells the best chance at regenerating after sun, which means plump and a youthful complexion for you.

The Double Cleansing

If you would like to upgrade this experience, make a double cleansing. After the Raw Balm apply the Quinoa Face Cleanser, which is a water-based cleanser. This is the best way to ensure your skin is free from every single scrap. Furthermore, you prepare your skin to absorb your daily moisturizer better, so that you get a lot more out of it.

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