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AYPA shined at the International Congress of Aesthetics and Spa in Paris

AYPA 53rd International 53rd International Esthetics & Spa Congress in Paris

Paris recently hosted the esteemed 53rd International Esthetics & Spa Congress, organized by Les Nouvelles Esthétiques. The event took place at the Expo Porte de Versailles from April 13th to 15th, 2024, bringing together professionals from across France in aesthetics and spa services. Among the distinguished exhibitors was AYPA, making its debut appearance at the […]

Mineral Sunscreen, How to remove it?


As we immerse ourselves in the warm embrace of sunlit days, it’s essential to prioritize our skin’s well-being, safeguarding it from the sun’s gentle yet powerful rays. Gone are the days when sunscreen was just an afterthought. Indeed, the sun can cause many damages to your skin if you don’t protect it correctly such as […]

The Andean Wellness Stone

aypa wellness stone

When you think of Peru and the Andean culture, exotic images come to mind: beautiful landscapes and a unique biodiversity. But surely also archaeological ruins made from iconic stone blocks. Of course, we are talking about the ancient Incan culture that knew how to carve, shape and refine stones with incredible precision. In fact, the […]

Vegetable Oils in Summer

vegetable oils

You have probably heard about it: vegetable oils and sun are not good friends. Common preconception or truth? Follow me, I will let you know! The temperature at which the oils begin to boil depends on the plant from which they are extracted. For example, linseed oil begins to boil at 107°C, olive oil at […]

A Natural reliever for Pollen allergies


Blooming blossoms, smell of freshly cut grass, sun tickling our skin: these little sensory pleasures that spring brings are the greatest joy for some but also the greatest misfortune for others. Indeed, who says flowering, says allergies! Tingling, redness, itchy skin and rhinitis punctuate the daily lives of people allergic to pollen. While the seasonal […]

Purple Corn, A story of Purification

purple corn

Crop sophistication can only be achieved through respect for nature. Thanks to this knowledge the ancient Peruvians created new varieties, like the purple corn. The latter is unique in the world because of its high content of anthocyanins. The story behind this harvest inspired Aypa to create the purifying Purple Corn Body Exfoliant. It all […]

Sensory Beauty: A feeling of Happiness


When you eat a piece of chocolate, haven’t you experienced a sensation of calm and pleasure? And when you feel in moments of anguish or sadness, wouldn’t you look again for a bar of chocolate? Just imagine you can also get this experience only by applying a skincare product. Would you like to learn how? […]

Quinoa Face Cleanser: The most basic Skincare Step

quinoa face cleanser

When we start making new wellness resolutions, sometimes everything is as simple as starting with the basics. And in the case of a daily skin care routine, the basic is the cleansing.Cleansing the skin is essential and is as basic as drinking daily water and having enough sleep to feel good. it is a must […]

Adult Acne? Maca is the Solution

adult acne

Adult acne is a problem that can appear when you least expect it. One day you are fine and suddenly breakouts and inflammation start appearing on your face. I’m sorry to tell you that it is your hormones that have started to play a trick on you. Is there a definitive solution? Yes! Regulating your […]

Raw Ritual by AYPA: Self-care, in a different way!

raw ritual

RAW rituals: Are you taking care of your skin at home? Of course you’ve already thought about it. Especially in this period when our daily outings are becoming rarer and rarer!And yet… why do you often hear that little inner voice telling you, “Yes … but home care is less pleasant, less effective …” So, […]