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If you think about hiking you might immediately imagine immersing yourself in nature. It can be as simple as a walk through the forest or along a dirt path.
But the story I am about to tell you is more than a hiking experience. It has been one of the most intense experiences I´ve ever had in my life. It was really touchy and is something you can no longer make. So, I hope you can feel the journey.

It´s all about an “Apu” in the Andes

What is an Apu?

Well, since ancient Incan times, the Andean people in Peru call Apus to certain “sacred” mountains. They consider them as protective spirits that watch over the local people, their crops and their destiny. Each “Apu” has its own spirit, its own name. It can either be a male or a female deity.

Apu Putucusi, the Happy female mountain

Besides the amazing mountains that surround the archaeological site Machu Picchu, there is an outstanding one. It looks quite but still with great majesty: the Apu Putucusi. However, it has been unknown to hikers due to its hidden entrance and difficult access.

In 2009, when I started the Aypa project, I spent long periods in the Andes. Thanks to the local people I discovered the meaning of Apu Putucusi. Although it may sound mystical, I must say that one day I felt “the call” of this mountain”. So, as local people do, I asked “for permission” to climb it.

I hiked it with my friend Yessica. I felt it was going to be challenging from the moment the experience began. Apu Putucusi is 8500ft high, with many difficult and dangerous sections. In order to ascend you have to climb up a long vertical creepy wooden ladder for almost two hours. Afterwards, you head into the jungle and its mysteries. During the trail, the flora and fauna are overwhelming. From a diversity of orchids to brightening colorful butterflies. That is the beautiful part. But you need strength, skill and courage to keep going. I am not a professional climber, very far from it, but the amazing thing is that I felt how forces around lifted me up, giving me the strength. I can only describe it as magical.

A experience to be shared

Getting to the top was a difficult task. But after 3 hours of trekking, when we reached the top, I found a spectacle of greatness and divine wisdom. Beyond, seeing the beautiful landscapes and views, the energy I felt was a true gift. I cried without reason, it was such a healing, emotional and self-connecting experience.

The inspiration for the Aypa Stone

Since that day I felt I had to share my experience, so I created the Aypa Stone. This small local gem concentrates all the healing energy from this powerful feminine place that truly gets in contact with you when you are open to feel it. It has the ability to enhance your well-being, and promote self-reflection, as well as physical and emotional rejuvenation.

Currently, the access to the mountain Putucusi is closed. Due to heavy rains in the area the wooden ladder has been destroyed and there is no other way to hike the mountain.
I will always feel thankful and privilege to have trekked it and reached its top. And I hope you can feel its essence in your Aypa Stone.

Let´s take care of the Earth!

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