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Hydration Routine Kit



3 full-size products

This routine targets skin that is dehydrated and dried, with rough and flaky texture.

Skin benefits:
Boosts hydration and moisturizes  |   Strengthens the natural protective lipid barrier
Protects from free radicals  | Balance the natural production of water and oil
Regenerates the cells of the epidermis | Oxygenates the skin

The kit of the Aypa Hydration routine includes 3 full-size products:

  1. Face Cleanser with Quinoa 150 ml
  2. Hydrosol with Hierba Luisa 100 ml
  3. Raw Face Balm with Copoazu 50 ml


How it works?
Once you buy and receive your Hydration routine kit, we will schedule a 1-hour e-meeting. This way you will have all the products and be prepared to learn how to use them, getting all the beauty tips. We will go through each step of the routine together and pay extra attention to your skin’s needs.
The 1:1 Beauty Session is available in English & Spanish.


For this hydration routine kit we combine pure, organic and plant-based ingredients. All superfood.

Quinoa + Hierba Luisa + Copoazu + Hemp Oil

Superfood Benefits :

Quinoa : Strengthens the skin cells, anti-inflammatory action, antioxidant and antiaging benefits.

Hierba Luisa : help refine skin texture while reducing pore size.

Copoazu : Moisturize, hydrate and protect.

Hemp oil : Helps to reduce UV damage and hyperpigmentation of the skin

The healthiest way to hydrate and nurture your skin.

How to Use:

1. Cleanse: First, apply the gentle Quinoa Face Cleanser over dry face. Massage in an upward and outward motion avoiding the immediate eye area. Then rinse off with water.
To remove makeup, apply a generous amount onto a cotton pad, and gently swipe away at your face and eyes.
2. Balance: Then, in this step you will balance the pH of your skin with the Hydrosol. At the same time you clear up any bacterial skin infection that you usually can´t see.
3. Hydrate & Moisture: Finally, rub a small amount of Raw Face Balm on your dry hands to melt. Apply on dry face with circular motions and leave it on.

This comprehensive Hydration routine kit is designed to leave your skin feeling refreshed, revitalized, and perfectly moisturized. Suitable for day and night use, it’s time to give your skin the care it deserves


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