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A minimalist at-home skincare ritual of 4 water-less products only made of active whole plants. All superfood-based, organic and pure. A complete treatment to: cleanse, balance, exfoliate, mask and hydrate. The result is a nurtured and radiant skin.

The kit includes 4 multifunctional Aypa Raw products:
– 1 Raw Face Balm 50 ml
– 1 Andean Hydrosol 100 ml
– 1 Raw Face Mask 50 ml
– 1 Raw Face oil 30 ml


Deep cleansing | Remove impurities
Balance | Refine Skin Texture
Deep nourishment | Recover Elasticity
Reduce inflammation | Release tensions
Reduce aging caused by free radicals
Strengthen Skin cells

* Each kit comes with a booklet and a video explaining how the ritual must be performed.


Aypa RAW Ritual Self-Care Kit: 4 steps + 4 products + multi-purpose uses for all skin types.

Through highly sensory self-massages inspired by the 4 elements and Aypa Raw products extracted from the earth, you travel through your “facial geography” to :


STEP 1º  Purify: through the WATER element.
Firstly, apply the Raw Face Balm. Through gentle undulating movements reminiscent of the WATER element, we go through the circulatory system and lymph channels to:

  • Deeply Cleanse | Eliminate toxins
  • Oxygenate

STEP 2º  Balance: through the AIR element.
Then, apply the Hierba Luisa Hydrosol. Through subtle, highly sensitive and harmonious manipulations inspired by the AIR element, the facial energy field is traced to clear it while:

  • Balance the skin’s pH (antiseptic)
  • Hydrate + Soothe

STEP 3º  Strengthen: through the EARTH element.
Apply the Raw Face Mask. Through deep, pressing movements, reminiscent of the plowing of the EARTH, the facial musculature is strengthened and tensions are eliminated, while:

  • Exfoliates
  • Deeply nourishes

STEP 4º  Stimulate: through the FIRE element.
Finally, apply the Raw Face Oil. Through stimulating massages, with pinching, inspired by the FIRE element, the production of collagen and elastin activates to:

  • Increase Firmness
  • Revitalize the skin

This results in a regenerated skin, full of life and very nourished.
Watch the video for the step-by-step use of the Aypa Raw Ritual: 


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