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Palo Santo tree: Ancestral Well-being

palo santo tree

The unmistakable aroma of palo santo tree, with its sweet, citrus, and woody notes, has transcended borders and eras, establishing itself as an indispensable element in contemporary well-being. Palo santo, more than just a simple wood, is a symbol of the current quest to reconnect with our being and the natural world. In a time […]

AYPA Terra Retreats

Aypa terra retreats

We are living in times of big changes where the hours and dates seem to be speeding up. So, it becomes more and more difficult to find a moment of connection with ourselves.The Aypa Terra Retreats are “your moment”. We are motivated to make you find a space of tranquility that leads you to reunite […]

A way to inner self, immersing yourself in nature.

immersing yourself in nature

If you think about hiking you might immediately imagine immersing yourself in nature. It can be as simple as a walk through the forest or along a dirt path.But the story I am about to tell you is more than a hiking experience. It has been one of the most intense experiences I´ve ever had […]

The Andean Wellness Stone

aypa wellness stone

When you think of Peru and the Andean culture, exotic images come to mind: beautiful landscapes and a unique biodiversity. But surely also archaeological ruins made from iconic stone blocks. Of course, we are talking about the ancient Incan culture that knew how to carve, shape and refine stones with incredible precision. In fact, the […]

The Secret behind the Andean Plants

Andean aypa

It is very easy to get fascinated by the natural beauty of the Andean landscapes in Peru. The mysticism in this land of Incas is in every corner of its exuberant geography and abundant biodiversity. However, what is the real secret for this captivating land to be home to the most valuable medicinal plants on […]

Millpu River: The great escape in the Andes

millpu river

The vacations are coming to an end and you probably have the feeling that they end without having started. This unexpected situation of being able to move around alone in close surroundings has proved to be quite limiting.However, your mind and your senses have absolute freedom to travel to the most remote places on earth… […]